2022 PLAI Leadership Convergence


Theme: Looking at the Past. Moving Forward. Working Together for a Stronger PLAI

National Library of the Philippines, Manila

July 15-16, 2022


  1. Learn from the past PLAI presidents and officers as they share their knowledge, expertise and experience during their time 
  1. Equip current PLAI leaders/officers with the information, skills and competencies required to perform their mandate, roles and responsibilities
  1. Assess and identify priorities for the Association to pursue and consider that concerns not only its membership but also the profession, in general
  1. Provide an avenue to build a team, working together for the attainment of PLAI goals and objectives

Click here to view presentations of the highly esteemed colleagues in the profession. Assistant Director Edgardo B. Quiros, RL. served as the workshop facilitator.

Photo gallery

Day 1 – July 15, 2022


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