The Philippine Librarians Association Inc. envisions a strong association of Filipino Librarians committed to the Library profession as a means of improving the quality of life and learning, be competitive with other professions and responsive to the ever-changing demands of information users.


The Philippine Librarians Association Inc. is committed to nurture and promote all libraries in the country, and foster professional growth and performance of its members


The main goal of the association is to support and advance the practice of librarianship in the Philippines

General Objectives

  • To obtain its vision, mission, and goal, the association has the following general objectives:
  • To require all practicing librarians to be duly registered as such as mandated by law and by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) of the Philippines.
  • To formulate and undertake programs/projects or activities that will ensure growth and development of libraries, librarianship, and librarians in the country.
  • To provide fora discussing problems, issues, concerns and trends affecting the practice of librarianship, the association, and its members.
  • To generate support for professionalism and cooperation between and among the librarians and other professionals.
  • To strengthen linkages with regional, national and international organizations within and outside the profession.
  • To undertake research and publications about the history, trends, practices and related topics affecting the profession.

Flagship Program

Registration of all professionally qualified librarians.


Constant and never-ending involvement.

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