Aside from following the provision of the law governing the profession of librarianship (RA 9246, Article IV, Sec. 30), a member gets the following benefits which he/she does not get from joining other library associations:

For Individual Members

  • get the prestige of belonging to a national accredited professional organization;
  • have something to show accrediting agencies and/or government agencies (i.e., CHED, PRC) that are inspecting libraries;
  • get an official certification when attending international conferences (especially when asking for a grant or discounted registration fee);
  • pay reduced registration rate to PLAI-sponsored continuing professional development activities;
  • get a copy of PLAI online newsletter;
  • get discounts from several bookstores/book dealers;
  • linkages and networks (both local and international);
  • possibility of being considered for prestigious awards (e.g., Severino Velasco Award)

Hall of Fame Award, Outstanding Professional Librarian Award

  • opportunity to do service to colleagues or to the profession as a contribution to nation building
  • formulation of / amendments to laws, policies, etc.
  • outreach program to help libraries/librarians who are victims of calamities

In return, a member can give the following to PLAI:

  • quality time and effort;
  • talent and skill;
  • wisdom acquired from experience through the years;
  • new ideas and innovative ways of doing things;
  • financial resources;
  • contacts for networking/linkages;
  • support to its programs and activities through paying of annual dues, participation in meetings and CPD activities, cooperation on policies and guidelines, and inviting other librarians to be members and /or to pay their annual dues