How do I become a member of PLAI?

  • First, you must be a licensed librarian to become a member of PLAI.
  • Second, you must pay a one-time membership fee of P500.00.  Members then only pay an Annual Fee of P300.00 

Where can I pay the Membership Fee / Annual Dues?

  • There are several ways to pay your membership fee:
  1. Get in touch with your PLAI Regional Councils and pay your dues to the treasurer or any regional council officer.  Official receipts will be issued to you by our regional councils.
  2. Attend any PLAI activities and you may pay at the secretariat.  Official receipts will be issued to you immediately.
  3. Payment may be deposited to BDO Account No. 451-000-1102 Account name: Philippine Librarians Association, Inc. Deposit slip should be scanned and sent to; Official Receipt will be issued through your Regional Councils or at the PLAI Headquarters. 

What are the benefits of becoming a PLAI Member?

  • PLAI Members get a discount on the registration fee for all its activities.  In addition, since PLAI is the official Accrediting Professional Organization recognized by PRC and IFLA, all members of good standing get a discount on the annual PLAI Congress. You only need to present a Certificate of Membership prove your good standing. 

How do I become a member of good standing?

  • Attending CPD Activities organized by PLAI Regional/ National.
  • Voting in elections/ general assembly.
  • Volunteering in various committees of PLAI Regional/ National.
  • PLAI members who have paid their membership fee and annual dues for 3 consecutive years. 

Where can I avail of the Certificate of Good Standing?

  • You may request a Certificate of Good Standing from your PLAI regional officers.  Once the Regional Council have verified your membership record, your Certificate will be sent to you via email.